what is relinker?

this website is an anonymous URL redirection service. that means you can link to other sites through relinker and the other sites won’t know what the original referring site is.

for example, if you’re on a message board and you don’t want a flickr user to know that you linked to his photo, you can run the flickr URL through relinker and the referrer will show up as “relinker.org” instead of the message board where the link originated.

how does relinker work?

there are several ways to answer this question. the most direct answer is that the HTTP_REFERER variable of the original site that links to a destination site is lost upon meta refresh of a page. this site is little more than a glorified and abused meta refresh tag.

the referrer variable of the original linking site has been shown to be missing — as desired — on recent releases of all major web browsers in OS X and windows 7.

who made this?

tevan made this in his spare time. one of the perks of creating this website is his being able to write about himself in the third person.